Der Gesandte Allahs hat gesagt: „Wer auf der Suche nach Wissen hinauszieht, der ist auf dem Wege Allahs, bis er wiederkehrt. (Anas; Tirmidhi)

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Homepage 02

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  • Beratung
    Das Institute for Islamic Banking and Finance (IFIBAF) berät bei der Erstellung, Konzipierung und Zertifizierung von islamisch-konformen
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Zaid worked with the highest level of honesty and integrity. The quality of his work exceeded our expectations. I would hire Zaid again and would highly recommend him to other companies without hesitation.

In general, IFIBAF has very strong Islamic Finance and business backgrounds that have enabled them to make good contributions to our organization. IFIBAF has demonstrated an ability to quickly understand complex issues and provide innovative and sound solutions.












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